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wedding bells

honestly, since i’ve been married, i haven’t looked at ms weddings. but now that i’m helping plan a wedding.. i’m back in it, baby. i feel like the wedding industry has exploded in the last few years with everyone’s diy ideas -there is so much to research and more and more resources at our fingertips –it’s very exciting.


from a recent wedding I photographed… friends trashed their getaway car.  it smelled.  what do you think about the groomsmen “dressing up” the car?  fortunately, adam threatened his friends beforehand so our car was clean from anything trashy.  maybe a little car paint is ok? besides this example, how much is too much?

pwc training

alright, babe.

seriously. come home.

from our wedding dinner at sundance. i made the blanket from leftover wedding fabrics. image by elizabeth messina.


to represent adam’s hometown of huntsville, alabama, we brought in cases of gibson’s white bbq sauce and included them in the gift totes we gave out-of-town guests. on sunday, i slathered this sauce on my chicken pre-grilling and post and it was delish.

wedding polaroids

hello everyone.. thank you for the well-wishes!

adam and i had a beautiful wedding day. we were so happy our family and a few close friends could join us… our only real disappointment was that the day went by too quickly! we wish we could have spent more time with everyone.

i can’t share the wedding images yet, but here are few polaroids i took: (capree and natalie took the two of us in the orchard.)