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malad polas

great uncle’s truck.

where you can get iron ports.

the tree at the old house where my mom would play.

grandpa’s church book of completed tasks.

the old rodeo grounds.

our latest treasures for the book. (including a mickey mouse spoon grandpa bought off the cereal box.)

we don’t know him. but he looked cool.

a similar model that my grandpa used to fly in the air force.

roadtrip polas

hope you all have a wonderful weekend. as always, thank you for reading my little blog. here are the promised polaroids from the trip. (accidentally categorized by color. )

roadtrip: bikes and lake house

our last day was really lazy… but we decided that we all wanted to die in lake oswego –in one of these amazing lake homes. if you want to be “cool”… don’t tell the portlandian hipsters this. for rb
brown dress from tumbleweed
locations: portland and lake oswego, oregon
lake house courtesy of peg ackerman

roadtrip: piaggio

friend and model, derek, wanted a few more serious “modeling” shots. we were so lucky to have the piaggio delivered to our hotel for a couple hours of fun. for rb
men’s clothing: i’ll get back to you on that.
women’s clothing: models’ own
piaggio courtesy of rich wipf