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such a great week!

- started taking ice skating lessons. (as a result from my birthday activity)
- great conference with family…including waffles.
- pound cake with strawberries… twice!
- getting tickets to california for an impromptu trip to disneyland!

this is me being stroller-ed by capree to get that perfect film shot of the beginning of a race.. what a joke.


What is a sussy?
A “sussy” (suh-see) is an unexpected gift or present.

How do you say your new last name?
Gehr-uh-lot (rhymes with care-a-lot)

What is your training/background?
I graduated with a BA in Commercial/Advertising Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. My emphasis was in food.
I graduated in Culinary Arts from The French Culinary Institute in New York.
After school, I interned with photographer Matthew Jordan Smith in NYC and was a kitchen intern at America’s Test Kitchen in Boston and Saveur magazine in New York. Following that, I was Photo Editor for Rubberball Productions and eventually became a lead photographer there. Currently, I shoot freelance in SF, NYC and UT.

What is Rubberball?
Rubberball is a stock photography company I worked for. You can see more of my work with them by visiting their site and searching my name under photographer in Advanced Search.

Are you available for hire?
Yes, but only commercially. Commercial jobs are quoted upon request.

Do you shoot weddings?
Yes, although I only do a select few every year. A one-day wedding coverage begins at $6000 and includes a cd of all the high-res images from the day. Rates for second photographers and travel are available upon request. Please visit this link to see more wedding images.

Can I hire you to take my family’s pictures?
No, I’m sorry, but I only shoot commercial assignments.

What’s in your camera bag?
Please click here.

How do you get your background completely white?
This involves a large studio and strobes on the white background as well as the subject. Sometimes, a little dodging of the highlights in Photoshop eliminate any soft grays.

What would you recommend to a photography hobbyist?
A good starting camera is the Canon Rebel series.. When financially able, I suggest you invest in more expensive lenses, rather than upgrading your camera. Also, shooting with film is the best way to learn.

Do you use actions?

Do you have your photography book finished? Or the online class?
Yes! Click here for links to our books and online classes.

Whatever happened to the cooking blog?
Nothing happened.. it’s still there. And as soon as I’m able, i’ll be devoting lots of time to get it going.

Will you be doing more cooking classes?
Not at the moment.

When are your next photography classes?
Please click here for class descriptions.

eight things about me.

I’m pretty confident that Ali tagged me because of the pity party i threw about not being tagged. See here. Regardless, i love these things, so here goes:

01. The last two days, i’ve danced in the shower. To Feist.
02. Dancing in the shower has actually made my two days go better.
03. Like Ali, I keep telling people if I were to go back to school, I’d major in graphic design.
04. I’m getting tired of photography. But not teaching photography.
05. I’m thinking it’s time for a blogging party. Time to meet new faces.
06. I cannot wait to take some time to breathe and start work on the cooking blog.
07. If my house were burning down, I’d save my hard drives, blankies and Donna Hay and MS baby + kids mags.
08. I’m feeling liberated with my new MacBook Pro. Thanks Aunt Peg + Uncle Simon.

I’m tagging Jamie Anne of I Love You… I Think, Rachel of Black Eiffel, and Marta of M. Writes, … I hope you feel the pressure.

oh wow.

so i was spotted in a lame-o ad for a stock photography company. couldn’t they have chosen a photo where i was fully smiling without my arm pressed all flabby-like? or maybe i could have never done the shoot. yes… that’s the answer.

did ya hear?

that you burn about 240 calories/hr while building a snowman? since i haven’t been to the gym in ages and we got about 8″ of snow last night… it’s high time.