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Kailee’s Dreamy Flowers

One of my assistants, Kailee, was married on Saturday. It was a very special day and I was happy to photograph it. We shot a few with old Polaroid film. Here are her dreamy flowers by the talented Sarah Winward

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Happy, Happy Birthday Sussy, Dear!

Happy Birthday, Little Sussy! Today you are 4 years old and I can barely believe I’ve been blogging so long.

To all my Readers:

I love you.
Really, I do.

Sometimes I get the lump when I think how good you are to me. How can I ever repay you? I really can’t.

BUT, if you’ll leave a comment by Wed at midnight telling me how long you’ve been reading and what your favorite ALS posts are, you’ll be entered for a unique giveaway: I’ll be choosing 10 readers to choose any photograph print of mine to keep. (you can choose the size, too… up to 8×10.)

And if you hate my photos, that’s fine.. don’t comment. I love you anyway.

Here are some examples of what you could choose:

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deux boules, svp

hanging out in paris before our fun retreat in beynac. running off only 20 min of airplane sleep, crepes and deux boules of fruit de la passion -hmmmm… my favorite. wish you could enjoy it too. (i’ll go eat a banane nutella crepe just for you.)

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un, deux… et trois!

adam and i are very very excited to announce we are expecting baby “g” early november. the process so far has been thrilling (and incredibly nauseating) -we’re so happy this little nugget has already taken over our lives (and my work potential and every doggie bag i can get my hands on.)

at our first ultrasound, baby stuck its tongue out at us. at our next, we’re going to keep the technicians from telling us if it’s a boy or girl. we like a surprise.

So to answer 75% of the latest formspring questions, YES!!! This little sussy is having a sussy of her own!

here i am after shooting last week’s wedding in palm springs -sporting what i think is a way-too-big belly given how many weeks i am.