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Hula Animation and In The News

My assistant-stylist-extraordinaire, Mallory, and first assistant Cassidy and I have been having so much fun on our new striped wall set. I’ll post everything Monday, but wanted to share this summery animation I made.

This week was a good in-the-news week for me. Check out my photo tips for taking travel photos of kids on Fox News, and a feature on Utah bloggers at Deseret NewsWe’ve had so much positive feedback over our free tutorials and downloads on the NC blog. If you haven’t subscribed yet, visit here! (We’re also on Pinterest.)Have a great weekend!©2012 Nicole Hill Gerulat, All Rights Reserved. Photos by Nicole Gerulat, Wardrobe styling by Mallory Ullman, Assisting by Cassidy Tuttle.

Happy Valentine’s Day Timelapse #2 & #3

Hope you all have a great Valentine’s day! The music by Josh Aker is available here for $.99 -a great valentine’s song! (Oh! And if you missed our first video, click here.)

photos by nicole gerulat, music by josh aker, styling/assisting by mallory, cassidy & kailee
Oh and really quickly, here are my photograms!

all photos © 2012 nicole hill gerulat