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New Cover: Kiwi Magazine

Here’s my latest cover and feature for Kiwi Magazine. There is a lot more in their magazine that I shot, and this week you can download their app (free!) and see the below images animate in a timelapse I shot. (So cute!)

Oh, and the outtakes are darling -I’ll post those soon.
Food styling by Paul Lowe
Prop styling by Kate Parisian

Latest Craft Mag Covers

If you’re looking for a knitting or crochet project, here are some cute ones from recent stories I photographed for Your Knitting Life and Crochet Today. (Also, if you are looking for behind-the-scenes of my shoots, I’m posting a lot on instagram. Search for nicolegerulat)

 photos: nicole gerulat, styling: mallory ullman

Knitting Today Holiday

For the holiday shoots you see in magazines, they are typically photographed in the summer (if not the year earlier where there is still snow). This past summer, I shot 4 Christmas stories and 2 Thanksgiving stories. This shoot for Knitting Today magazine was shot on a muggy July day without air conditioning. Our poor models were so hot dressed in holiday & knitted wear, but were such troopers. I think the projects in this issue are fantastic and if you have a little extra time to whip up some presents, definitely pick up a copy of the magazine.

Photos: Nicole Hill Gerulat | Wardrobe & Prop Styling: Mallory Ullman | Assisting: Cassidy & Brooke

New Cover: Kiwi Magazine Nov ’11

Here is my latest cover for Kiwi Magazine. (I just shot my 4th cover with them two weeks ago.) It was such a fun shoot because the morning was spent dedicated to the cover and a few insets (six 4-yr-olds!) and the afternoon was a great Thanksgiving food story that was beautifully food styled by Mariana Velasquez. See more of her work here… just beautiful. Anyway, two of my favorite things to photograph: kids and food!

New Cover: Crochet Today Nov/Dec

Remember how I had to shoot Thanksgiving & Christmas in July? I did this for 4 magazines and was seriously burned out on turkeys and ornaments. I love how quickly Crochet Today’s issues come out (those chrochet-ers need to get their holiday stuff together now, apparently.) Anyway, this was a fun story I got to shoot in San Francisco, featuring granny squares in a more hip way. I loved our Michelle-Williams-lookalike-model.

Set design by Mallory Ullman -go Mallory!

New Cover: Kiwi Magazine

Here is my latest cover for Kiwi Magazine. I had such a blast photographing 6 adorable kids. It was an overall easy day in NYC. Excited to shoot for them next week… and I’ll post more of the photos when I get the mag in my hands.

New Cover: Knitting Today

Oooh.. and while we’re at it… here’s a cover I did for Knitting Today -they are such a great client. I always enjoy working with them. Oh! I’ll have you know, this was lit with one off-camera hand-held flash when our outdoor light turned nasty. Nice, huh? In a pinch, they aren’t so bad.