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I have a few new pictures to show you (hopefully today) but until then.. here’s one of Molly on her first day with me. She has been getting curious lately with the nursery and my huge belly. (She’s always sniffing it!) Crazy how she knows something is coming soon.

sister kara holding molly. photo © 2010 nicole hill gerulat, all rights reserved

happy birthday, molly

my sweet furry child turns two today.. man.. how times have flown. remember her birthday party last year? unfortunately, i can’t top that –not this time… but molly will have cake.

(ps.. molly is a portuguese water dog -my mom has a couple male puppies for sale.)

molly is actually a person.

no posts today… we’re filming for the online classes. (scary!) back in the room i grew up in (with another sister’s trophies and dolls) molly and i have been sharing the bed. this is how she was sleeping when i would randomly turn the light on.

let it be known.

i had one first.

glad that the obamas have picked the best breed, but sad for what the popularity will do to the breed.. oh well, at least molly’s puppies will sell for more, yes?

here is molly on her new grass patch.. we are lucky to have a balcony where we can grow a little grass so we don’t have to make late night runs. when we first installed it, molly sprawled over it with all fours… maybe hoping it would never leave? needless to say, it was very difficult to get her inside that night.

thanks, kate!

she’s depressed

as you can see by her painted nose and rear, molly has been really helpful during the painting process. i’m setting up internet again today and organizing all the boxes. we moved into the new place in less than two hours. thank you so much to all the church ladies who let us abuse their husbands! we had 8 people show up to help us. wow. so cool. i’ll be back in a jiff.

molly turns 1

and here we go…

molly had so much fun with her best friends. it was a water-dog only party, with the exception of her Sunday bichon pal Sarah. (natalie would like it noted that her non-racist metropolitan cousin stellie included all breeds at her party)

the activities started with a Dog/Owner Look-Alike contest:
(L-R: mom+ zippy, mama + sarah, charlie and dareth, lyle + diva, nicole + molly, ang + sashie)

we served dog/owner treats like tuna fish sandwiches…

and homemade dog biscuits…

(richard + our dog zippy, ali + charlie, ali + zippy, kara + zippy)

it was clear that Party won our True WaterDog Contest.

lyle showed us how to show our dogs. (lyle, ang, me)

The Dog Race (one owner was on the other side calling the dogs)

Diva (Molly’s mom) playing, Molly following, Molly winning the dog race.

Trick & Treat contest. Molly won, of course.

Even though Molly won in every event, Molly was gracious enough to give her special PWD prizes to the next place winners.

molly and her party hat, mom’s amazing white stripe, molly’s birthday cake: pureed mackeral and dog food, frosted with cottage cheese.

being the real hostess, my mom bought cake for the owners. unfortunately, the dogs tipped it out of her hands.

and yes, i’m aware that i need children. you may give me yours.