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BlaBla Rattles

Alma gave Evie this adorable Kitty rattle from BlaBla Kids. When Evie turned 1 month, she suddenly became attached to it and sleeps better holding it -it’s so cute. Trying to decide on another to buy because I love their sweet designs and soft rattle sound. Have you seen this mobile? Amazing. Knitting Today magazine sent Evie the most gorgeous hand-knit mobile. As soon as I photograph it, I’ll show you and I guarantee you’ll be jealous of an 8 week old.

Growth Chart

I know there are lots of clever growth charts out there, but I’m thinking of buying a plain carpenter’s folding ruler. It measures up to 6′ and I can put it up and take it down with each move we make. 

Where the Wild Things Are Halloween

My sister’s talented SIL worked in fashion as a designer for some huge labels and then she became pregnant with quads. Yep. Quads. Here are her four gorgeous boys in their “Where the Wild Things Are” Halloween costumes that she designed and made. Isn’t she unreal? These have to be the best costumes I’ve ever seen.

Christmas for Kids

If my baby were going to be a bit older for Christmas, I’d be all over these. I love Land of Nod’s collection of wooden toys. As long as I can help it, (meaning, before my iphone and other light-up crap gets in the way) I’m going to foster imagination through wooden toys. Here are my picks:

cowboy up

If i can “force” a character onto my future children, it will be Cowboy. Honestly, I’d love nothing more than for my boy or girl to refuse to wear anything but cowboy boots. I’ve seen this costume in person and it’s so well made. There are some with “Utah” badges too.

neck & neck

thanks to candice and her shopping adventures in rome, i’ve been spending lots of time pining over the spanish children’s clothing at neck&neck. after i picked out my favorites (on incredible sale), i couldn’t justify the shipping cost. boo.