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Evie-Lou & the G12

For Christmas, we bought the Canon G12. So far, I’m loving it (for a point-and-shoot, that is). I needed to find something that could be in my purse at all times since I’m not the best at taking pictures of my own family.
Loving it’s manual controls (much easier than most point-and-shoots) and the video quality is pretty great. Obviously you can’t see the quality, but here is a sample:

This certainly isn’t her happiest, but I love her little squeaks.

Evie at 6 wks

ksl studio 5 video

i haven’t watched this yet.. i’m scared –but for everyone else who missed it, here you go!

*update* i just watched this and noticed i messed up with the name “old soul new heart” –just want to clarify that in case you are searching for their headbands.

julie & julia

I’m always entranced by any movie with Meryl Streep in it. (my favorite actress)  Julie & Julia was no different.  However, I agree with Adam who said he wished it were called “Julie & Julia Minus Julie” -we both would have rather watched just the “Julia” parts.
Soon, very soon, i’ll show you my Julia-influenced kitchen… til then…
I am continually trying to keep the “ME” out of as much of my relations with people as possible, and transfer a full interest to you/them, which automatically… makes me a more lovable person to them, and them to me.

pic from here

rubberball footage 08

the bossman at rubberball created a little video collage of his film work at rubberball from the past couple years. see if you can:

a) recognize my shoots.
b) find a clip with me in it.
*hint* this was the moment that forever destroyed me with dizziness
c) find another clip with me in it.
*hint* i may have looked “busted” -but i don’t think i’ve ever been skinnier. :)
d) find any of my sisters or cousins.

thanks, ashley!

video clips

there was a little period of time while working at rubberball, where i shot 10-12 second film clips. very fun to try something new, but SO different.

cooks country tv!

after finishing my internship with america’s test kitchen (where worked on the cook’s illustrated, cook’s country and book teams testing recipes), i have been using their recipes for about 99% of my cooking… because i trust them. (meaning, i don’t trust rachael ray).. america’s test kitchen’s pbs cooking show isn’t as snazzy as food network, but you’ll actually learn the science behind cooking. (they’ll show you the ameliea bedelia way and the right way.) i love these people and am very passionate about their recipes. and while setting my dvr to record the season, i found cook’s country now has one too! very exciting.

golden gate bridge

last night i went to sausalito for some timelapse shooting… unfortunately, i’ll need to redo them.. until then, here is one evening shot and little retro-looking clip i salvaged together for you to watch. for some good timelapse, click here and here.

ps… driving across the golden gate bridge was thrilling and so beautiful.