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what to wear when shooting a wedding.

i recently had a formspring question asking what i wear when i shoot weddings. well folks, here are my thoughts:

weddings are special and sacred and i think photographers should honor the bride and groom by wearing appropriate attire. i’ve seen far too many photogs wearing jeans and shorts and i think that’s so disrespectful.

with that said, i wear a dress. crazy, you say? actually, really really comfortable.

pre-preggo-belly, my favorite dress is nantucket from shabby apple. this gem is a wrap dress flattering all figures and has two front pockets -perfect for storing extra cards and batteries without looking like those pocket-vested/teva-with-sock-wearing/bearded/male photog dorks. (fyi: i don’t collar-pop mine cause i think it looks lame.)

since that dress now splits open with this growing belly, i’ve now graduated to bow baby –which is a similar version, but sans pockets and wrap. (shabby, please make this with pockets!)

i do want to note that i don’t think photographers must wear black.. it just happened that these were the right dresses for me.

(here i am in nantucket in action sans belly)

’tis the season

for buying maternity clothes –but after lots of searching, i’m not finding anything great that isn’t overpriced… so yesterday, I went to anthropologie and picked up some great tops on sale that will work through my 2nd tri and (wahoo) i will definitely wear post-baby.

js sandals

i’ve been looking for some summer sandals and saw that js came out with my favorite pair again this year –just slightly different. (i love that about her brand) now i need to decide which color to go for… hm….