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Nicole’s Classes Party Recap

This year’s party was a blast and a huge thank you to everyone who made it possible. Alice Lane was the perfect location and host for our party. We showed off student work on iPads, previewed our new website (launching this week!), and let anyone demo any of our classes. We gave away 25 classes and offered 50% off all classes. It was wonderful meeting new readers and students who shared our excitement and passion for learning.
Thank you to everyone for coming and check back tomorrow for the raffle winners!

Photographs by Cassidy Tuttle. Thank you to Alma, Mike, Melanie, Kara, Kailee, Cassidy, Adam, Jeff, Holly and everyone at Alice Lane!

Nicole’s Classes Holiday Cards!

I’m so excited to announce that the Nicole’s Classes store is expanding to feature products! On October 10th, we will have 25 beautiful holiday card templates for you to choose from -all at only $15! All you do is buy, download and insert your photo using PS or PSE! (Don’t worry, we’ll include instructions!) From there, you can have it printed at your favorite printer or photo store. We know you are going to absolutely love them and we are so pleased with Alma’s amazing designs. Start choosing your photos and see you at the store on October 10th!

Please note that downloads will be available for personal use only. Reselling for business is not allowed.

Win a NC Online Class! -GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED!-

We’ve added a few classes to our roster at Nicole’s Classes® and I thought it was time for a giveaway! We will pick 5 winners to choose from any three of our new classes (including my sold-out Tabletop Photography class!) Check out our new classes:

by Alma Loveland
for a course description, please click here.

by Mike Loveland
for a course description, please click here.

by Nicole Hill Gerulat

for a course description, please click here.

How To Enter:
You may enter the contest any/all of the following ways, up to 1x for each way, each day:

> Leave a comment on this post.
> Follow Nicole’s Classes on Twitter.
> Mention this giveaway on Twitter.
> Like us on Facebook.
> Mention this giveaway (link or tag) on Facebook.

Entry Deadline:
Sunday at midnight.

Discount Code:
Don’t want to participate, but still ready to learn? Buy any of our fall classes with our 15% off discount code: FALLFUN

Deer Valley Photo Retreat Recap

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of hosting a 3-day photo retreat in Deer Valley, UT. It was a wonderful event where I met amazing women with great talent. Last year, I taught this retreat in Southern France with Candice so being on my own was just… oh… double the work?

It was so worth it. Highlights included: Photo shoot on Park City’s Main Street, Scenic lift ride up Park City Mountain for landscape shooting, Jacuzzing, Portrait techniques on the snowy mountain (Who knew it’d be snowy still? It’s June!!), Photo Workflow with Mike, Tabletop shooting, Flash techniques, Dinner at Montage’s Gastro Pub and more.

We finished the retreat with one-on-one sessions where I looked over the student’s work from the weekend. I was truly blown away. By the end of the retreat, they had some breathtaking work.

Thank you, gals, for joining me in the snowy mountains! I enjoyed being with you -and teaching you!

If you missed the retreat this year, save your pennies because Candice and I are about 90% sure we’ll be taking you to Ireland -and possibly France again! (May/June 2012)

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The Latest and Two Suh-weet Giveaways!

There are a lot of new classes and retreats coming up that I want to tell you about!

1. Deer Valley Photo Retreat
Unfortunately, I will not be doing an international photo retreat this year (although next year we’re going to Ireland!). But don’t worry, we’re still retreating this year -this time in the beautiful mountains of Deer Valley, UT. Join me in a very intimate setting and I’ll teach you everything I can in 3 days. (I’m so excited to teach you!) You’ll also have the option of staying with us in two condos at The Deer Valley Club. (Movie night and popcorn, anyone?) Also, a special guest will be attending and I’ll announce that soon! For more information, click here. Spaces very limited.

2. The Seller’s Retreat
Back for its second year, The Seller’s Retreat will be a 2-day retreat also held at Deer Valley. If you are thinking about starting a business, we will walk you through marketing and selling your products with great design. Mike, Alma and I teach you how to create your own logos, banners and buttons (everything for your identity package), photograph your product and start your online shop. Such a value for the price plus you have the option in staying with us in two condos at The Deer Valley Club -because we want to hang out with you! For more information, click here. Spaces are also limited!

3. Houston Photo 101 Crash Course
Just announced, I’m coming to Houston May 14! This will be my only one-day Photo 101 crash course in Texas this year so don’t miss learning how to use your camera. For more information, click here.

4. Nicole’s Classes on Facebook!
Yeah.. we’re a little late to the party. Not really. We’ve had FB for a while, but haven’t really used it. If you “like us” on Facebook and leave a comment here telling me your latest favorite find by Monday at midnight, you’ll be entered to win a spot at the Seller’s Retreat!! -A $450 value! (retreat only) PS. I will check to make the winner liked us. :)

5. A Little Sussy is on Facebook!
Also, late to the party! Like ALS on Facebook and leave a comment on the ALS wall with your favorite outdoor shooting location by Monday at midnight and you’ll be entered to win an online class of your choice! -A $125 value!

Wowza… that’s a lot of information! Thanks for reading and hope you have an amazing weekend!

RAFFLE Winners!

We had a little raffle at our book signing party and I’m happy to announce the winners of

1 Free Online Class!!

to the following people:

please email to setup your free class! thanks for attending our party!

Nicole’s Classes Book Signing Party Recap

What an amazing time we had at our book signing party last Friday. Alice Lane was the perfect place for us to hold the party and we were astounded at the number of you who showed up! (We’re estimating around 250?) Seriously, we could not have asked for better. I felt badly for anyone who came in the last hour and a half because we were cleaned out of our treats. (I thought 2 rainbow cakes, 48 sugar cookies, 48 choc chip cookies, 48 brownie bites, 24 red velvet cupcakes and 100 jumbo suckers would have been enough! :) Selling nearly 200 books and signing ’til our hands hurt, we are honored to have met you all. Thank you so much for letting us teach you our crafts.

And thanks again to Alice Lane and their wonderful designers for helping us with the event. Photos below taken by Holly Okubo for Alice Lane.

the famous rainbow cake!

we let everyone go through our online classes.

poor mallory never took a step away from the register.