Welcoming Sponsor: Logophilia

A large welcome to our newest sponsor, Logophilia -an online print shop featuring words as art. As a creative writer, Megan’s (the designer) fascination with words has been cleverly translated in her designs. I especially like her gallery of movie titles (see the Singing in the Rain print below). To see more of her prints, click here and if you’d like to win an 11×14 print of your choice from Logophilia, please leave a comment on this post by Sunday at midnight.

Nicole’s Classes Party Recap

This year’s party was a blast and a huge thank you to everyone who made it possible. Alice Lane was the perfect location and host for our party. We showed off student work on iPads, previewed our new website (launching this week!), and let anyone demo any of our classes. We gave away 25 classes and offered 50% off all classes. It was wonderful meeting new readers and students who shared our excitement and passion for learning.
Thank you to everyone for coming and check back tomorrow for the raffle winners!

Photographs by Cassidy Tuttle. Thank you to Alma, Mike, Melanie, Kara, Kailee, Cassidy, Adam, Jeff, Holly and everyone at Alice Lane!


Hey y’all! Party time in four more days! Are you coming? Check the poll box on the top of the left column.

Last year was sooo much fun. We met over 200 guests who ate yummy treats and demoed our online classes. It was a blast.
This year, the wonderful Alice Lane is hosting our event again and offering a generous 20% off anything purchased in the store that night. I’m personally making cupcakes, cookies and cotton candy and we are showcasing some of our favorite student work that night. 
Plus, we are giving away lots of free online classes, a Kelly Moore bag and an Epiphanie Bag. Also? All books are only $20 (the lowest my book ever goes in price!).
See you there? Remember to answer the poll to the left (just so I can get a good idea of how many hrs to spend in the kitchen).
Party Poster designed by Alma Loveland. Background photo by Nicole Gerulat, used with permission from Real Simple for their 5 Hollywood-Inspired themes, styled by Elizabeth Maclennan.

Photo below from Holly Okuba from last year’s party.

New Cover: Kiwi Magazine

Here’s my latest cover and feature for Kiwi Magazine. There is a lot more in their magazine that I shot, and this week you can download their app (free!) and see the below images animate in a timelapse I shot. (So cute!)

Oh, and the outtakes are darling -I’ll post those soon.
Food styling by Paul Lowe
Prop styling by Kate Parisian

Printing in PJs

My most dreaded two (sometimes three) weeks of the year is printing new portfolios. It’s my own fault, really, because I don’t trust someone else to do it. The first week is spent editing through new images and creating a new book, retouching final images and then dusting off the printer.

Now I’m sitting in a Mickey t-shirt and floral pajamas, locked into my office (have a sitter for Evie) and am not coming out until at least half of it is done.

There are so many variables where putting together a portfolio can go wrong. How about last year where the guy who scored/trimmed/punched my perfectly printed pages did it on the wrong side?

Anyway, I’m hoping this will be the last time I have to print. Isn’t there that thing called digital? I know my iPad is serving as a digital portfolio in some art buyer’s room right now. Let’s go to that, please.

However, these two new portfolios (and new promo!) are going to be awesome and I can’t wait to take it to meet future clients.


At a magazine cover shoot, there are at least 2 children booked for the cover so the AD has options, but I regularly shoot up to 6 kids (!) for the same cover. That means lots of cute, eager kids and cover options that never see the light of day. I’m going to be posting a few every so often so you could see the fun we had.

©2012 nicole hill gerulat, all rights reserved. photos by nicole gerulat for kiwi magazine. outtakes.

Come To My Party!

I’m so excited to be hosting another party! And at Alice Lane again! Last year was so much fun and this year will be even better with lots of treats, more teachers, more classes to demo, a new website and a showcase of student work! Oh…. and did I mention our textbooks are only $20 at this event?

If you have taken a NC that has helped you in your field and would like your work (photo, illustration, photoshop, shop, you name it) displayed at our party, please submit to castingcallsals@gmail.com.

Mark your calendars -we hope to see you there!

Designed by Alma Loveland. Background photo by Nicole Gerulat, used with permission from Real Simple for their 5 Hollywood-Inspired themes, styled by Elizabeth Maclennan.

The Nursery Series: More Babies!

Another cute round of babies on my nursery set:

© 2012 nicole hill gerulat, all rights reserved. set design, art direction, styling and photos: nicole gerulat, assisting and set production: cassidy and kailee