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drumroll, please….

I’m very excited to announce that the winner of The Greatest Giveaway is….

by Kalani Cropper (France)

Christin -the cookbook author- tested all the finalist recipes and was smitten with Kalani’s. Congratulations, K… you’ll be flying out to Boston for our photo shoot and dinner party!

We would like to congratulate all who entered the contest for entering such amazing recipes with sweet sweet stories. We would also like to extend the option for our top 4 recipes to be published in the cookbook:

Citrus Frangipane Torte with Ganache by Karey Lynn White (England)
Danish Puff pastry by Emilie Ahern (Denmark)
Vegetarian Borscht by Ashley Thalman (Ukraine)
Sabzi Khordan by Patty Emmert (Persia)

This is going to be one rockin’ cookbook –i can’t wait for its release. Thank you for your votes and submissions!

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