Us Weekly / Bacardi: Southern BBQ Party

And the final shoot for Bacardi / Us Weekly is the Southern BBQ Bash. So many adorable details here. My favorite was the croquet setup and the bandanas tied around the mason jars.

Nicole Gerulat, Photographer
Carrie Purcell, Food Stylist
Kate Martindale, Prop Stylist

 © 2012 Nicole Hill Gerulat, All Rights Reserved

3 Responses to “Us Weekly / Bacardi: Southern BBQ Party”

  1. Dione Drabble

    What a coincidence, Nicole. My colleagues and I just sipped two bottles of Bacardi (Bacardi Apple and Bacardi 151 to be exact) last Saturday night on our colleague’s birthday. It was a sausage party, actually. Anyway, I’m glad to know you guys had a wonderful time!

    Dione Drabble


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