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Alice Lane Home: Jessica Bennett’s Home

Alice Lane’s design skills constantly rock my world. I’ve learned so much about good design each time I shoot for them. AND, they are some of the nicest people I know. I was able to attend their Blogger Holiday Social (I’m sure you’ve heard all about it already) and met lots of talented, local bloggers. The girls at Alice Lane (and Kirsten from 6th St Design School) really know how to throw a great party! Thanks, gals.
A while back, I photographed Jessica Bennett’s home of Alice Lane. I can’t even express how stunning it is, but hopefully these pictures will show a little of it. 
My favorite part was Chelsea James’ paintings. She is absolutely my new favorite artist. Ah. If only I could afford one!
And now, Jessica’s amazing place:  

Merry Christmas & The Hill Christmas Card

Oopsies. I went on break early and forgot about posting this week! Anyway, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and I’ll see you next week with my own little family’s Christmas card.

As promised, here is the 2011 Hill Family Christmas Card. We are such idiots. I think this might be my last time making these ridiculous Christmas cards because I am running out of ideas. But, I have to say, my curly single sisters were really good sports on this one. Click to enlarge!

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The “Oh So Very Merry” script was designed by Alma Loveland. For a similar template, please visit

KSL Rave Recommendations Recap

Ugh. I’m such a dork. Anyway, here are my recommendations! For the links, click here. Also, I cannot figure out how to resize this video the right way, so you can watch the original here. (If you can help me, please do –just changing the dimensions in html isn’t working correctly.)  I take pictures. I don’t code. :)

Candy Canes

I shot these today for fun because I’ve lately been obsessed with color, shape and stripes. Enjoy this eye twister!

and these are just because I love the color pairings.
photograph & styling: nicole hill gerulat, assisting: kailee