Studio Bride

I’m shooting a wedding Saturday and for the very first time, a bride asked for bridals in the studio. Here’s my attempt to making studio bridals fresh and bright (as opposed to those muslin canvas nightmares). Christen is a beautiful bride, isn’t she? It will be a beautiful wedding -can’t wait!

Thanks to Trisha and Emily for assisting.

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13 Responses to “Studio Bride”

  1. kalanicut

    Ahhh, a shift is the industry and you’re leading the way! Goodbye wheat fields, dirt roads, train tracks & abandoned buildings. I love it!

  2. the emily

    Those are fantastic! I think they make her look so classy. I actually love my studio bridals, even if I wish I had taken at least a few outside.

  3. Meredith

    Lovely! So beautiful AND fresh! If you ever need to do it again, I had studio bridals (113 years ago….OK – 13 years) and my uncle shot them in his amazing studio. A fantastic pose that was my fave? he was shooting from an 8 ft ladder and I was sitting on the floor, my dress all piled around me, bouquet in my lap. (A *hint* of cleavage.) Love it to this day.

  4. Cara

    Okay, I’m trying to hold back my tears now. Your post made me recall my grandma who’s living now in senior housing (Pittsburgh). Nothing bad has happened; it’s just that she’s the one who provided the dress that I wore for my wedding last year but she wasn’t able to attend the ceremony. But all is well now, and she’s enjoying her retirement. Pittsburgh is the perfect place for that, she told us, so we let her go on with her choice.


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