Where the Wild Things Are Halloween

My sister’s talented SIL worked in fashion as a designer for some huge labels and then she became pregnant with quads. Yep. Quads. Here are her four gorgeous boys in their “Where the Wild Things Are” Halloween costumes that she designed and made. Isn’t she unreal? These have to be the best costumes I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Ms. H

    Oh my gosh, I am in LOVE. These are stunning!!! And quads–what a handful. I have never desired multiple children {read: until seeing this post!!} Thanks for sharing this lil bit of lovely.

  2. Deanna (Silly Goose Farm)

    I made my kids’ costumes this year, too – a pumpkin and a scarecrow. Not nearly as creative as this.

    In grad school we had to read “Where the Wild Things Are” in a class about European Imperialism.

  3. Jan

    Oh this just warmed my heart sooo much! What wonderful costumes ! I would love to see a group of grown-ups in the same outfits – how great would that be? :)

  4. Oona

    i honestly don’t think i have seen anything cuter in a long long time!
    when i have children, i would give my left arm and my right leg to let them be as photogenic and adorable as these!

    such good costume ideas,
    so well made,

  5. KJ

    I might just die over these. Really. I have even looked for WtWTA costumes before (I have a little max who is indeed king of all wild things). I can’t stop looking at the awesomeness of these!

  6. alix

    Holy moley, these are INSANE, they are so good.
    I was wondering if I could post some of these images in our annual “Modern Kiddo Costume Parade”? (with a link back /credit of course!) We do this every year, showing off awesome homemade costumes. You can see last year’s post here:

    my addy is alix @modernkiddo [dot] com.
    thanks in advance! SOOOOOO amazing!!


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