ranunculus and hearts

need a little pick-me-up? here are some sweet pictures.

my valentine gave me 40 pink ranunculus (one of my favorite flowers) and i had high hopes of making chocolate mousse to fill in these sweet cups of mine, but it sadly didn’t happen. (we ran out of heavy cream after making waffles.)

happy wednesday to you! i’m off to disneyland and the art weekend-la. wahoo!

© nicole hill gerulat

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  1. Karlee Turner

    I was so bummed to see that your online photo classes are all sold out! Just wanted to let you know that I’m interested and will be the first person in line when you add more sessions :)

  2. Victoria Klein

    Gorgeous pictures, as always – and I agree with you about ranunculus. They are my personal all-time favorite flower. They look so small when you get them, but give them a few days of love & light, and they bloom into big beauties. :)

  3. kelly

    one of my favorite posts of yours! gorgeous.

    p.s. someday i hope you develop photo 103 for your sf students who are desperate for more classes… :)

  4. Kate

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been trying to figure out what these flowers are called for weeks – I want my sister to use them in her bridal bouquet.

  5. Emmy

    I’m jealous of your tea cups :). They’re oh so sweet. I have the mix of colors because they were sold out of the pinks. I love them too. Thank you for your lovely blog, it inspires me often, and leaves me feeling a bit brighter.

  6. Purple Flowers

    I love that teacup that reminds us that our hearts are in our souls.

    Would you mind telling me where I might purchase a beautiful tea cup such as this?
    Thank you for sharing.

    Peace to you.

  7. Holly

    Hi Nicole~
    I would love to use this picture on my blog with a link back to you. Your work is incredible!


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