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It’s a New Year!

I love New Year’s resolutions. I love making lists and I love making myself believe I might actually follow that list. So… here they are:
* Read a book (yes, I said “a” book.)
* Book 3 new clients I’ve been wanting to shoot for
* Finish Photo 102 Online by Spring
* Keep a cleaner house
* Swim more
* Finish my Pilates teaching hours
* Cook something new each week
If you are still reading this post, you’re in luck. I’m giving away Photo 101 Online and Photo 101: The Book* from my brand new printing. (it’s gooooorgeous.) All you have to do is leave a comment by Jan 1st at 12:00am with ONE new resolution for this year. Love you. Mean it.
 *you can also choose to have Photoshop or Illustrator instead.

Alice Lane Blogger Holiday Social

A couple weeks ago, I had a great time mingling with local bloggers at Alice Lane -hosted by Alice Lane and 6th Street Design School. This was good for me because I usually have a hard time in certain social situations -which probably surprises any of you who have taken my class because I’m definitely not shy. But, I met some fantastic people with great blogs and I loved being able to put a face to them.  Thank you to everyone who put it together!

danielle oakey & me (still puffy) / adorable ornaments handed out as favors
the genius designers behind Alice Lane (Jessica, the owner, is in blue)

i might have taken a full plate home… and half didn’t make it home.

photos by Meikel Reece (who, btw, has RAVE reviews for this class.)
invites and design by Fifth & Hazel

A Merry Christmas

Hope you all had a happy Christmas! Our fun continues in Deer Valley for a week of skiing. Baby Girl and I are hanging out at the condo and meeting the skiers for lunch every day and it’s so nice to relax. After I get through my 200 unanswered email, I’ll be writing Photo 102 online… you’re gonna love it.

Here she is Christmas morning. Notice her male pattern baldness?  We call her George Costanza. Fortunately, it’s coming back in… though it looks much lighter.

For Christmas, Santa brought Evie LOTS of books, a few toys and her first baby doll. Our friend, Lyle, made her pretty stocking.

Santa! I know him!

We are celebrating Christmas with our families in Utah!  We’re so sad Natalie won’t be with us this year… but happy we have a new little baby in the family.
I’m taking Evie for her first (creepy) picture with Santa at the Riverwoods Provo at 7pm. If you come at that time too, I’d be happy to take your picture with Santa (not just limited to kids. :) I won’t be there long, so be sure to be on time!  I’ll email the pictures to you next week. (no, i’m not charging. duh.)
Also, if you still need to pick up a book for a Christmas gift (only 3 days left to get our books and classes at the sale price!), email me at and let me know what books to bring and you can pick it up tonight from me at Santa’s hut.
Merry Christmas!

my first and second christmases.

Studio Bride

I’m shooting a wedding Saturday and for the very first time, a bride asked for bridals in the studio. Here’s my attempt to making studio bridals fresh and bright (as opposed to those muslin canvas nightmares). Christen is a beautiful bride, isn’t she? It will be a beautiful wedding -can’t wait!

Thanks to Trisha and Emily for assisting.

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