ksl studio 5 video

i haven’t watched this yet.. i’m scared –but for everyone else who missed it, here you go!

*update* i just watched this and noticed i messed up with the name “old soul new heart” –just want to clarify that in case you are searching for their headbands.

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  1. Lucy

    I think you did a great job. You looked awesome and you gave some great tips. If you were nervous, I couldn’t tell.

  2. Jill

    i just noticed that your sister comes home in less than two hours, exciting! congrats! and i thought the news clip was great, nice job.

  3. jane

    great highlight nicole! i think you & your work are just so wonderful. i am going to be in san fran twice in january. i hope i get the chance to see you!
    jane boyer

  4. ~Jen~

    Don’t know if I’ve ever commented, but I should be. I read all the time and love your stuff. Loved this spot, learned a lot. Being new to photography that post they talked about really made me think and I’m trying to take your advise and step back and think – what story do I have to tell. I’d love to attend your classes, but am in FL. Can’t wait for the online ones to start. I’m totally interested.

  5. Tim and Cherie

    Well, I guess I’m on the right track. Everything she said I already knew and have done for years. I wonder if we photographers are turning to writers rather than being photographers. This blogging and micro blogging seems popular these days. By the time I shop for the props, set up the studio, stylize the shot, do the photography, do any post needed. Now, I’ve gotta write about it too? I find that women tend to be natural writers and it’s not shocking that this cute, likable gal is being interviewed I guess on a local show or something. I know I do all the things she does, and I’ve never been interviewed, but my photos have been on the news.

    Anyway. keep doin’ what your doin’

  6. Natalie Hill

    tim and cherie,
    i think i love you!
    you are so awesomely jealous. that was the most hilarious comment! seriously! i’m laughing my head off! one thing to think that, another to write it anonymouslyish. go girl! blow your horn!

    you’re FANTASTIC on camera.
    all that jazzy talk about cameras, levelers, etc went right over my head. i dunno.. i’m stupid, dude.
    but very very well done!
    and cute shirt from mom. where’d she find it?

  7. simplymodernmom.com

    nicole, you gave some amazing tips that i will have to try. i love your work and your site. i wish you would come to ga for photography classes. i guess i’ll have to plan my next family trip to utah around your photo classes. until then, i’ll just keep following your amazing blog.

  8. the emily

    YOU are cute and smart and funny and well-spoken and SO talented. Loved the tips, and I’m not even one of those fake photographers with a nice camera. I’ll take better pictures with my little point and shoot now because of this. Thanks.

  9. Jen Berry

    hahah. Natalie Hill. That’s awesome.

    Love this video. It helped me. Guess i’m not that smart.

    Well anyway. I think you were Fantastic!!!

  10. Shauna


    So great, like nat i am dying at tim and cherie. SO funny.

    Seriously though you looked like a movie star. And for the love, can we stop it already with the velvet tufted antique furniture in the fields? UGHHH sickening.


  11. laura

    Congrats on your tv spot, you did a great job!
    Love the leveler, is it the same one they have at photojojo? I’m thinking stocking stuffer for me :-)

  12. Malia

    what great tips, thank you for sharing -

    I think it takes great courage to express how you feel about something, especially when that idea contradicts what is extremely trendy at the time.
    I admire that.

  13. engemann

    Nice job Nicole! You have always been so talented. Look beautiful as well. It has been a long time. Hope all is well. Much love



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