Yearly Archives: 2008

what are you doing new year’s..

new year’s eve?

i’m skiing.

my 2009 goals:

01. finish website
02. finish creating online class (feb)
03. pack up and move
04. decorate my new pad so it doesn’t look like we’re poor.
05. learn to paint (from paul -hopefully)
06. take molly on daily walks (a feat for me)
07. take weekend getaways at least once a month
08. keep a clean house
09. think of more goals…

hope your new year’s rockin’ eve is suh-weet.

photo from this shoot.


today we had a very successful one-hour test shoot with avery -my friend’s daughter. she was quite amazing.

and this is because she saw the extra mustaches from this shoot. and cause it’s just funny. for rb

merry christmas darling…

happy new year too.

here is the family christmas card i made this year. (click here to see last year’s). the idea was to have the red card on top of the green, with a die cut to cut out the sides and bottoms of each picture so you could open the picture flap to reveal the green text. nice idea, but didn’t have time to execute it fully… so we just put a brad in the top left corner so that it swings.

hope you all have a wonderful Christmasy week!

the starter camera

i get email all the time asking which camera line to start with. i shoot with canon, so naturally, i’ll recommend canon cameras. i think their range of lenses is better than nikon –as well as the true colors straight from the camera.

a good starting camera is the canon rebel xs.. a 10.5 mp camera. my favorite online seller, b&h is offering free shipping on everything canon –meaning… this camera kit -only $475.

my recommendation is to start with a decent camera like this, and when you have a little more cash, invest in a better lens (rather than the camera) first. i’ve listed my favorite lenses to the right on my link lists. click on the pictures to take you to specific lenses, or click here to shop b&h.

paul mitchell -day for nie’s fam

paul mitchell -the school’s phase two students held a service day for nie nie‘s sisters, mom, nieces and children. it was so wonderful to meet them all. stephanie’s girls (especially jane) loved the primping. tis the season to donate. click here or visit my ‘nie recovery’ link to the right to send some love. (ps… sweet lyndsey mcclure -a learning leader at pmts put this together. thanks you for inviting me.)

courtney and lucy had a deep-conditioning treatment and a blow-out (turns out, lucy and i took a cheer class together back in junior high. small world.)

claire’s bangs were chopped.

getting fingernails painted polka-dot style while watching a movie

jane choosing a soda and loving her dramatic eye makeup

ollie and nicholas watching polar express. no makeovers for the boys. :)

my mom showing stephanie’s mom how to blow-dry “swoopy” bangs


the house. this really is just another way to make us feel better about all the time it took to make this set. :) these little portuguese water dog pups are my molly’s half-siblings. (molly is the grown-up dog) thanks to lyle at ikon kennels for letting us play with them! for rb